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Yacht Interior Design
All is considered when we design yacht interiors, starting with the client's taste and style of living, to the vessel’s type of operation-- whether private or chartered. We consider how the boat will be classified and what guidelines the boat will be built under. All materials and finishes are selected for the intended usage and executed to perfection by skilled craftsmen.
Did you know that La Strada is considered one of the leading design firms in the world? But, unlike other firms that specialize only in design, we are also the manufacturer with our own modern, state-of-the-art factory. Everything from initial pencil drawing to final installation is done in-house. Our services include interior layouts, detailed CAD drawings, and realistic 3-D renderings, which enable the client to see their space prior to construction, virtually eliminating costly design changes.



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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding
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    Custom Bedding

We also do selection of colors, fabrics, furnishings and equipment, purchasing all approved items and the final installation including artwork, linens and accessories. Our documentation is backed up by extremely detailed specifications, which are required for owners, builders, naval architects, classification societies, insurers, surveyors, captains and brokerage houses.
Please take a moment to browse through some three-dimensional renderings of actual yacht interiors we have designed and built.  
For more information about our unique interior design concept, give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be sure to contact you promptly!  
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