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Custom Bedding
Did you know La Strada designs and makes custom bedding to complement your bedroom's design theme?
Custom bedding is about more than just fine fabrics and down comforters.  It’s about creating a look and feel that provides you with the ultimate atmosphere.  The unique quality of the bedding you create is in the fact that there are no other beds in the world with your bedding, and you can assure yourself that you will love that bedding day after day. 
In the pictures on the right, you’ll get some great ideas for your own custom bedding. 
You can also get more great design ideas by browsing through all of our galleries!
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  • The Angelica


    Ref. CB-101

    Custom Bedding
  • The Athena


    Ref. CB-102

    Custom Bedding
  • The Azzaro


    Ref. CB-103

    Custom Bedding
  • The Bermuda


    Ref. CB-104

    Custom Bedding
  • The Capellini


    Ref. CB-105

    Custom Bedding
  • The Catalina


    Ref. CB-108

    Custom Bedding
  • The Dream Bedroom


    Ref. CB-109

    Custom Bedding
  • The Dynasty


    Ref. CB-110

    Custom Bedding
  • The Emporio


    Ref. CB-111

    Custom Bedding
  • The Exotic Dream


    Ref. CB-112

    Custom Bedding

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