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  • The Cosenza


    A La Strada “Smart Kitchen” is defined in style, drama and class, combining just the right amount of convenience and technology for you to express your taste for the finer things in life.

    The Beverly
  • The Cosenza


    Another view of this stunning La Strada kitchen.

    The Beverly
  • The Cosenza


    Next to the refrigerator, a stainless steel end pullout chopping board fitted with a locking knife rack to permit a safe working area.

    The Beverly
  • The Cosenza


    The stone sink emphasises the timeless charm of this modern kitchen.

    The Beverly
  • The Cosenza


    The wall unit features glass doors as well as glass shelves. The bi-directional lighting is both efficient and practical.

    The Beverly
  • The Cosenza


    Close-up view of a cabinet with glass door and shelves.

    The Beverly

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