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  • The Diamond


    Great cabinetry begins with a view of a stunning La Strada kitchen.

    The Beverly
  • The Diamond


    Another view of this stunning La Strada kitchen.

    The Beverly
  • The Diamond


    The striking granite backsplash, countertop, food prep island, and window sill complete the stunning look.

    The Beverly
  • The Diamond


    The Beverly
  • The Diamond


    Specially designed range hood cover.

    The Beverly
  • The Diamond


    The geometric designs of the wall unit and coffered ceiling coordinates with those of the kitchen next door.

    The Beverly
  • The Diamond


    After the meal is eaten and enjoyed, relax in the exotic family room next door. The geometric designs of the cabinetry and coffered ceilings of both spaces are coordinated to create a magnificent great room.

    The Beverly

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