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Interior Design Concept
  To see some examples of complete design projects ‐ from before we break ground ‐ to after we complete the job ‐ Click here:  
  For more information about our interior design rendering service, call, send us an email or use our convenient online contact form. Click here.  
  La Strada pioneered the unique “one-stop shop” interior design concept.  Everything we make is created in our own factory by our own team of skilled craftsmen and designers, who supervise everything from pencil drawing to completion.  Since we do everything “in-house”, we can guarantee excellent design and quality control.
full-service design studio   La Strada’s full-service concept specializes in residential and commercial interior furnishings, as well as complete project management.  Every project begins with a concept or an idea. 
A furniture layout and three-dimensional renderings are then produced to give a conceptual picture of what the finished product will look like.
color board presentation   During the final stages of the design process, La Strada’s professional design team coordinates colors, finishes, lighting and accessories into a color board presentation for your review.  Once that’s done, it’s time to do the detailed, fully digital, shop drawings and specifications before sending the project into production.
manufacturing department   Everything La Strada creates is manufactured onsite, right here in our own state-of-the-art millwork shop and factory.  Here, skilled ‘Old World’ cabinetmakers and craftsmen create and build your idea, paying meticulous attention to every detail.
finishing department   La Strada’s on-site finishing department takes great pride in its reputation as being the best in the industry.  Skilled in a wide range of techniques, our craftsmen painstakingly prime and finish woods to specified finish type and scope, employing modern catalyzed finishes for extreme durability.
pre-assembly, packaging and shipping   During the final assembly stage, we make sure everything is perfect – before it even leaves our factory. This is where each unit is assembled to make sure certain specifications coincide with shop drawings.  After undergoing our final quality control process, pieces are packaged and loaded for shipping.
final installation  

La Strada’s complete turnkey package, includes the installation of all of our products.  And, when it comes to installation, we’ve built an international reputation for fine work  and customer satisfaction.  We install worldwide.

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